The SkyWatchr package

SkyWatchr is an R package for accessing the SkyWatch API. This API facilitates searching and downloading several climate/atmospheric datasets and satellite imagery, including Landsat-8, Sentinel-2, OCO2 and others. SkyWatchr allows searching datasets by parameters such as location, date (or time period), data source (either instrument or satellite platform), wavelength bands, data processing level, maximum spatial resolution and maximum cloud cover. Watch a video on package installation and usage examples in my post about SkyWatchr. The package is available at CRAN and GitHub.

The geospt package

The geospt provides a set of techniques for geostatistical analysis and for the design of optimal spatial sampling networks. It includes variogram estimation through the trimmed mean, summary statistics for cross-validation and the design of optimal sampling networks through sequential and simultaneous points methods using genetic algorithms, among other functionalities. The package is available at CRAN and GitHub.

The TOC package

This R package allows the construction of the Receiver (aka Relative) Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve and the Total Operating Characteristic (TOC) curve for spatial and non-spatial data. The ROC curve is a widely-popular statistical technique used for evaluating the performance of a binary classifier system as its discrimination threshold is varied. The TOC method is a novel modification of the ROC method that has been introduced recently by Professor Gil Pontius from Clark University. The TOC package can be installed from CRAN and GitHub.

The diffeR package

The diffeR package implements a set of metrics of difference for comparing pairs of maps representing real or categorical variables at original and multiple resolutions. The package can be downloaded and installed from CRAN and GitHub.


TOC Shiny App

The TOC R Shiny web application allows the construction of the ROC curve and the TOC curve for spatial and non-spatial data through a graphical user interface. Click here to launch the app in full screen.

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